That saying that’s been passed down to us since grade school, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression,” is as applicable to selling a home as it is to making a connection. 

The market in Victoria continues to move quickly, and the competition is fierce. You really only have one shot at leaving a good impression on current buyers, and we just thought you might like a hand figuring out where to begin when it comes to getting your home listing-ready.


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As realtors, we love when homeowners ask us to help them build out a to-do list before hitting the market. Obviously, each home is different, but here are seven of our top tips for every home:


1. Half Pack. As you’re already “on the move”, why not get a jump on things?

This step not only helps you declutter your home (less is always more), but it gives you a great excuse to finally clear out and hone in on what you want to take with you into your new space.

When it comes to selling your home, you need to keep rooms minimalistic and tidy (but not empty), so that buyers can clearly see the space and envision themselves in it


2. Clean, clean and clean some more. Having a clean home goes a long way.

This means giving your home a deep scrub inside and out. We know it can be hard keeping your space “show ready” but it really does go a long way! Some sellers like to book a getaway that first week so that they don’t need to take on extra cleaning duties.


3. Paint! Painting, along with cleaning, is a brilliant way to clean up your space while giving it a crisp “like-new” look. 

Remember to use neutral color. It’s important to realize your personal preferences need to take a back seat until you move into your new home. When selling, focus your efforts on what will help a new buyer visualize their belongings and personal style in your home.

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior could carry significant weight in their first impression. It also has potential to add a lot of curb appeal, so make sure you leave time to paint!


4. Hire help. Get a handyman to come and fix all those small issues you’ve put off. Things like the front door lock sticking or a leaky kitchen faucet should be fixed before you put the home on the market.


5. Curb appeal. Try and help your home to stand out from the neighbours. By adding a few plants or giving the driveway a good pressure wash, you’ll turn heads. Keep your front yard looking neat and tidy, then add in a pop of colour or texture using a few unique plants in the garden or even in spectacular pots to draw eyes to the front door.


6. Light it up! Shine a light on your homes best features.

Make sure you’ve changed out any burnt out lightbulbs and see if there are better ways to configure lighting or make it more efficient. Installing simple lighting along the front path, or sconces on the garage are the small finishes that add comfort outside.

There’s nothing worse than a home that sits in the dark, or poorly lit rooms that bring your mood down (especially if the room is already fairly dark). People, like plants, need light to feel energized and proactive, so if you have some darker rooms bring light in!


7. Set the stage. Is your home vacant? It might be smart to look into some staging options. 

Buyers can’t always visualize a room without furniture in it. Bringing a couch into the living room, or a table into the dining area really goes a long way when imagination just won’t cut it. At Briggs & Stratton and Associates we can happily assist with a “light” level of staging, but if your space is completely empty we can connect you with some great staging teams right here in Victoria.


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These are some of the most essential steps you ought to take when preparing to sell your home. Of course there are many other things you can do although they will likely depend on your particular home’s condition, layout, and level of wear. Realtor® Sophia elaborates further in our latest “Ask A Realtor” vlog!



Comment below with your own recommendations and best experiences prepping a property for sale, that way we’ll pool all the best advice for selling well here for future readers!

If you, or anyone you know is thinking they might be ready to get listed, reach out to our experienced all-star agents today by phone or email. Be sure to download our free Seller’s Guide for more #expertadvice on the process of preparing your home for sale and listing it!