Creating Your Dream Home Shopping List

Everyone needs a roof over their head. And just because this pandemic has put a halt to most things, people still need to move for various reasons. Whether a recent divorce, estate sale, downsizing, change of job location - or change of job income - many people are finding that moving is still necessary. Which is why Realtors have been government mandated as an essential service.

The need for social distancing can make these interactions a bit tricky, but as long as we all act with the 3 C's - Common sense, Courtesy & Compassion - showing a place is completely doable.

So we've put together a 4-part mini-blog series providing a few tips and ideas to help safely sell or buy a property during this time:

  1. Creating Your Dream Home Shopping Wishlist
  2. How to Tour a Property Virtually
  3. How to Show a Property Virtually (Tips for Sellers)
  4. Moving Tips During a Pandemic

Create Your Dream Home Shopping Wish List

This is always the fun part! And since everyone’s been ordered to stay home, our online property viewings have gone through the roof (no pun intended)!

Whether looking for a place to buy now, or in the future when this is over, people are looking at homes for sale online more than ever. And March 2020 saw almost as many sales as March 2019.

So people are still buying and selling properties. We expect that, come the end of this lockdown, the market will likely become flooded with both buyers and sellers.

  • The best way to create your dream shopping list is to create an account on our website.
  • When you find a property that meets your criteria, simply click the heart button: Add to Favourites at the top of the listing.
  • Now that you’ve selected a few favourite properties, you can now go to your account to see them all in one easy place.
  • Go through as much detail about the properties as you can: photos, virtual tours, information, Google Maps, etc, & write down any questions you may have.



Home Shopping Checklist:

Often price is the number one thing people look at first when considering a new home. Followed closely by style and size. While most people have an idea of the area they want to be in, we usually encourage prospective buyers to consider their lifestyle wants and needs first. This will result in narrowing down what you really want in a house and its location - hence, enjoying your new home so much more.

Some things to consider when looking to buy a new home:

  • House location and positioning
  • Neighbourhood
  • Size of the house and lot
  • Style and features of the house
  • Age of the house (and appliances)
  • What you would want included in the house (appliances, lighting, blinds/curtains, etc)
  • Purchase price, your credit score and monthly mortgage 
  • Maintenance requirements and how they align with your lifestyle and goals

Use these considerations to make your Home Shopping Checklist. This will help narrow properties down and help you prepare questions to ask your realtors.

Contact a Realtor to Represent You as Early as You Can

Once you have your new home shopping wishlist and checklist, now is a good time to contact us to get more details about your favourite properties.

Even if you’re not planning to buy just yet, these days, everything takes longer - and while we’re still hard at work, we do have more time on our hands than we normally would this time of year.

Plus, by getting an early start, you’ll be better positioned to make a move (ok, pun intended this time), once things swing back into action and the market gets flooded with offers again.