So you’ve put in an offer, subjects have come off, and now you can let yourself daydream. Or have you just decided it’s time to move on and are staging to sell? Just because you don’t fully own your home yet, or if you are in those initial stages of selling, doesn’t mean you can’t think of the best way to show it off!

When planning how to decorate any space it’s essential to start by choosing a few key pieces, aiming for adaptability, low-maintenance materials, and neutral tones. Here are a few of our tips around making the house feel and look its best for anyone who may be coming by:



1. Greenery

A space filled with the different textures and hues provided by plants can actually allow you to personalize rooms without leaving a mark. Choosing ones with various maturity levels, heights, and the pot colours and designs can do the same job as walls full of art. The placement really allows you to stylize each room and make it feel spacious.



2. Rugs

If you’re lucky enough to have floors in great shape that act as a focal point of their own accord, then use that to your advantage. But, usually, putting down area rugs (not full carpet) can do wonders for a space. They add warmth, colour, ambiance, and depth. They tie with your furniture to create spaces within bigger spaces, protecting your floors, soundproofing between stories, and grounding you to that particular place.



3. Modular Furniture

Furniture does not need to be expensive, formal, heavy, or remotely permanent! Nowadays, most homes have open concept floor plans and modular furniture really allows you to flex and customize when your lifestyle needs change. Additionally, if you’re planning to make structural changes at any point you’ll have the ability to modify your setup time and time again.

This type of furniture can be easily built and taken apart, is often affordable, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient! You can easily find pieces that are to your taste, look good, but suit the space and make potential buyers feel at ease with how they might live in the same space.



4. Lighting

This one is pretty obvious, but it also tends to be something a lot of us don’t focus effort on. Invest in stand out pieces that give that “homey” feeling and tie the other elements of the room together without being too unique or attention-grabbing. Light is something that soothes and balances–it sets the tone or mood of a space and helps us feel more comfortable. It can also be used to showcase the best features of any room, and can generally be done at a fairly reasonable cost. The bonus? You can move it around and take most of these fixtures with you.



With that, you have a good start. These elements can make a room feel lived-in without being saturated by personal mementos and collectables. You can tell a story that has an unwritten ending, and invite visitors to imagine how they would finish it off. Most especially when you know you’ll be living here for some time, the best advice we can give is to start with some key bigger items that are practical, and then only add pieces as you come across them that really, truly, bring you joy.