There are so many incredible publications in Victoria BC, and they can usually found in shops and cafes all over the place. Why? Because small businesses in Victoria are each others biggest supporters–one of the many reasons we choose to operate here. 

Every community in Victoria has honed in on the art of shopping locally, most locals leading by example for their family and friends. But especially in the last decade, there has been a clear social movement toward slow food, craft brews, artisanal products, and the like. As such, local publications have welcomed the wide breadth of brands, goods, and services, to advertise and promote. One of those, is our own.

We are proud to be featured six times a year in Boulevard Magazine, and in Tweed Magazine as well. The local expertise, and passionate drive, of the team at Briggs & Stratton and Associates is regularly showcased in these high quality and commonly loved magazines.

Boulevard is a leading lifestyle magazine published bi-monthly throughout Greater Victoria for over 26 years. Boulevard Magazine is designed to capture the personality, culture and vitality that is Greater Victoria by focusing on the Arts, People, Trends, Food, Architecture and Design.

Front cover of Boulevard Magazine, April/May 2021

Tweed Magazine tells the stories of our unique and eclectic community here in Oak Bay. Readers look forward to an amazing narrative that explores not only local businesses and their owners, but also all the nooks and crannies of the neighbourhood including it's great cafes, shops, restaurants, and other amenities! In short, what makes Oak Bay great.


Tweed Spring 2021 on Issuu

If you haven't received or picked up a copy of your own yet, you can click either of the cover images above to see them on Issuu along with our other publications for more information on how we can help you in your Real Estate endeavours!