As you might remember, I recently blogged about selling my house! Well, that happened, it sold and I moved! Yay!

Since no one could have ever predicted this pandemic and certainly no one knows when it will end, we're all forced to find new ways to cope with regular activities and one of those is moving! 

Whether you're renting, selling, or looking to buy (or recently bought) a new home - we have some tips to help you navigate the process as seamless - and safe - as possible. This is what I did and it worked out pretty well!

First step was to hire movers!

I thought that this would be super challenging, but no, it wasn’t! I sent the movers the link to my property, the pictures and video tour (which you can get from us as we offer that for our sellers) and spoke with him over the phone while he viewed the video and pictures! He could see my furniture and could take notes about what was going into storage and what was coming with me. On the move day, it worked out perfectly! He had the right size truck and they were able to do the move quickly then they originally estimated... so well done movers!

Virtual Home Tours

I moved into a rental property, while we build our new home, but I wasn’t able to view the property in person! So, we looked at floor plans and worked with the management team to answer as many questions as possible about the property, so that I felt I knew what I was moving into. They have recently upgraded this to be able to have a virtual tour, and that is so much easier!

And last... was to sign the paperwork with the lawyers!

Again, I thought this would be challenging, but they too were great. We used a law firm that knew us, so it was easy for them to confirm who we were, but… they were willing to face time with us, which would work for the general population. They sent some paperwork to us via email that could be signed at home and sent back, and then the rest needed to be signed in front of them.

So... we booked a meeting time, went to the lawyers office, sat in the parking lot and they came out to us with the paperwork. We showed our ID and signed the forms with our own pen!

Easy peasy!

So, in conclusion, it can be done!

How to Navigate Contracts and Key Swapping

  • If forms can’t be signed electronically: 
  • Meet in an open public space (like a parking lot)
  • Sign documents and step away, letting the other person step in to sign, etc.
  • Take turns stepping in and stepping away to do your part until completed
  • Bring your own pen!
  • Have your phone ready in case you need to get photos of the contract

Getting You New Keys

This may be different for every situation. Some places may have a lockbox, or you can determine another location to either have them hidden, or arrange to meet in an open public space.

  • Pick-up your new keys with a cloth or wear gloves
  • Be sure to wipe them and use hand sanitizer once you have them
  • Chances are the door handles of your new place has been wiped, but we can’t be too careful, so make sure to bring some wipes for that too.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items, Donations and Other Junk

  • People are still selling and buying things on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Keep your distance, but within eyesight - allow the other person space while they either get a look at your item.
  • Wear a facemask if that will make you and/or the other party feel more comfortable.
  • Provide wipes for them - or have some handy so you can wipe the item(s) down in front of them
  • Agree on how payment will be made - eTransfer can be done immediately before the person leaves with your goods, or cash can be placed (again, within eyesight!) a safe distance away.

Hiring Movers

We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring them WELL ahead of time! While movers are still working too, there are fewer of them and many are very busy.

  • Get a quote & agree on all costs - Including first hour(s), how much each hour is if you go overtime, gas cost, how many movers, any initial hiring fees and anything else.
  • Be very clear about the date, time & locations you're moving from and moving to.
  • Find out what their protocols are for you being around while they move your stuff.

Clean, Clean Clean!

Will you be hiring a housekeeper or doing it yourself? Either way, you’re going to have to do some cleaning (if you’re hiring a housekeeper, for example). Again, do this early (there is a theme here!). 

  • Lock down a cleaner if that’s what you’re doing - Find out if they have their own supplies, or require you to provide them.
  • Reserve carpet and or blind cleaners if required.

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