Between the five members of our team, we have four dogs–that’s nearly one human per pupper. Bringing them to work with us is great because not only do we worry so much less about them, they are also a welcome reminder to take breaks throughout the day and feel home comforts!


There are many benefits to having a pet and bringing them to the office, and since it’s changed our work and home balance for the better we thought it could be interesting to compile a list!


Penelope, a French bulldog, looking over the edge of a sofa.


Benefits for our people:

  • Periodic distraction from screens and tension reduces stress and increases productivity
  • Playing with pets relieves hypertension and is known to lower blood pressure
  • We take more breaks because they need to go for a walk or two, eat, and drink water...much like how we ought to be breaking up our workday anyway
  • Eliminates the possibility that neighbours could be annoyed by barking or whimpering when you’re gone


A girl sitting on her couch at home feeding her dog a treat.


Benefits for our dogs:

  • Stop missing us when we’re gone
  • Get even more love, encouragement, and attention than you normally give them
  • Don’t miss out on any walks (if they’d get more in a typical day at home)
  • Grow accustomed to being around more strangers and visiting clients


A meme with Emma in the backdrop, looking lonely, and wondering where people are at the office.

Now, obviously some care must be taken if you’re considering allowing furry friends to start visiting your workplace. We recommend you offer a survey that can tell you how your people feel about pets, especially their sensitivities based on allergies or fears.

Minor costs are associated with having pet food/bowls, beds, cleaning supplies, and a handful of toys for them to use. Also, it’d be wise to look into the legal considerations involved in case a pet goes rogue, which does happen on occasion even with the most well-behaved of pets.

We’ve always been fortunate in that most who visit Briggs & Stratton and Associates love dogs or already know Emma, Penelope, Marley, and Finn. Besides that, they are well-trained and pretty docile dogs, but depending on who actually is in the office with you and how much traffic you normally see bringing doggos in might not be the best for you, your employees, or clients!

Bathtime for three puppies.

It’s been nothing but positive for us so far, so we’re not going to change their visitation rights anytime soon, but you’ll realize soon after making the change that your work days fill with joy. Weigh out your options and all the pros and cons so you make the best decision for you, your team, and your business!