It’s official, pets are a factor into home sales!

We love our pets..and we love yours too. Most people consider their animals members of the family! They’ll always be a part of our households, smells and all. So, how does our love affair with furry friends affect how we buy and sell homes? 

 A recent study by the National Association of Realtors found that a pet’s needs are important to buyers. Pet-friendly features such as fenced yards and pet doors were among those on many a buyer’s wish list. So, when doing outdoor landscaping or adding features to your home, it’s important to think about how they can function long term. Some of the most requested pet home features include a Fenced yard, large enough home for household and pet, hardwood flooring rather than carpets, Mudroom, animal washing station, built-ins for food dishes / animal beds and so on. 

When it comes to selling, just remember that not everybody like pets, and some are even allergic! It’s never good when potential buyers start having a full on allergic reaction during the showing and go running out. Just because you love your furry friends doesn't mean everyone will. It's important to erase evidence of pets when showing homes. That includes removing the pets themselves, in addition to their toys or beds that harbor odors, and any wear they’ve caused. Pet damage is never attractive when selling a home. 


Here are some tips & tricks we recommend:


-Unless you’ve got a hairless cat or a non-shedding dog, you’re going to have fur in the house. Make sure that you’re staying on top of vacuuming and sweeping.


-Keep cat litter boxes and doggie pads clean and out of sight and impeccably clean – always. Nothing turns off buyers faster than opening the door to a full or stinky cat box. Make sure you have a litter box with a cover or a lid so that  will help to contain the smell. Hide it away as best you can!


-Imagine viewing a home to notice you've just stepped in dog poop in the front yard… YUCK! When you're showing your home, and when you move out, make sure the yard is super clean, and keep on top of it!


-Before listing your home for sale you should give it a thorough clean from top to bottom and eliminate anything that gives out any pet related odor. Here are some suggestions: Get the carpets and upholstery cleaned and thoroughly wash the floors. If your pet has history of accidents on a particular area rug, get rid of the rug. Feed dry food instead of canned (the smell lingers longer than you know). Put away the dog and cat beds, any pet rags / blankets, toys, or anything that may look less appealing. The litterbox... keep it clean, and not out in the open. Pack up cat trees and all cages / carriers.


If your furry friends cannot be relocated, then make sure that they are not present at the showings and open houses. For example, take your dog for a walk during all showings and gain some extra steps on your fitbit at the same time!


Just remember, the key is to highlight the pet-friendly positives while eliminating the negatives when you show your home!