When you’re selling your home, there are many things that will appeal or not appeal to potential buyers. One of them is the way your home smells!  You do not want to be remembered as the “house that smelled funny." ​​Getting rid of bad odours in your home is important but, instead of covering up the scent with potentially harmful chemicals or using a scent that is obviously trying to mask another smell… you should start with understanding why your home smells the way it does. Once you know where the odour is coming from, you can take action to eliminate the source entirely.

Give your home a good clean!


How to Clean a New Home


The biggest contributor to odours is dust. Dust is made up of all kinds of gross things: dead skin, pollen, pet hair and dander, insects, insect droppings, and dirt. And that’s just the start. Not only does dust make your house  look and feel dirty, it also affects the quality of your air and can cause a musty smell.  This will also help to determine where the odours are coming from, and if it was just needing a good dusting, then you have solved the problem.


Open your windows!


The Best Window Styles for Optimizing Natural Ventilation


Inside your home, there is a plethora of pollutants, all confined in a relatively small area. Despite what many people think, the air from outside can be a lot healthier than the air inside your home — even when you consider outdoor pollutants like pollen and smog.  Opening your windows allows fresh air to break up any stagnant air that’s trapping unpleasant odours in your home. If you have allergies or live in an area with high levels of smog, maybe check the Allergy Index for Victoria first.


Add something fresh and fragrant!


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Adding fragrant plants like jasmine, lilies, or roses is a nice touch and always assists with staging. Or, you can make potpourri or herbal sachets from natural ingredients like rose petals or lavender. Another recommendation is to use organic or natural essential oils like peppermint or orange. 

You can make your own scents with these Simple Room Spray Ideas

Any one of these ideas will help in getting your home ready to receive potential buyers!


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