Sunset as seen from Mount Tolmie. – Heather K Jones Photography

(Sunset as seen from Mount Tolmie. – Heather K Jones Photography)

So the month of March has been interesting for most part. We have gone into almost lock down due to Covid-19 which has been deemed a Global Pandemic. No one knows how things are going to really look after all this but I can tell you one thing, I am damn excited to see everyone and get back to working at our office! In the meantime, my wine rack is slowly looking slimmer each day and I don't think I like my TV anymore but hey, we are safe, healthy and have a roof over our heads.

Our Victoria Market March stats are in and we had a pretty good month considering the times, with a total of 608 sales. Last year for March we had 640 sales which was in non-Covid times. It will be interesting to see how April holds up, however Realtors are deemed an essential service and we are still seeing homes sell daily.

As for the home prices our average single family home in the core of Victoria is $877,700 which is up from last year which was $836,100 in March of 2019. We also saw an increase in the average sales price of a condo coming up by 4.8% from last year at $507,700 to $527,400 for this March of 2020. You can read the full update from our real estate board here.